Queen Asiya, also know as The Bound Queen, is the sickly wife of the Unnamed King and the mother of The Prince and The Princess.


Queen Asiya was born seventy years ago, a few moons before the collapse of the fae. When the raids began, she was dropped on the doorstep of a nearby family in the hopes that she would eventually help return balance to Queverin. Being but a babe, she had no idea of her capabilities or her powers. She grew up believing she was human and was soon convinced that anyone who wasn't was evil.

On the night of her 13th birthday, she was told by her family that she wasn't their true daughter and that her parents had abandoned her on their doorstep. In a fit or rage and sadness, she ran from her home and accidentally set a branch on fire. In horror of this realisation, she ran away from home without turning back, believing that she was evil and should be punished for her birthright.