Ignos, also known as the Isle of Fire, is the location of the training academy and the birthplace for all Igons. Before the Fall of the Fae, all Igons were required to devote a section of their life to protecting Queverin and keeping The Dragon Isles sacred. It is now home only to those who chose to live the old path instead of fighting for the Dragon Queen. It is the only isle without Udon residence on the shore.


Before the Fall of the Fae, it was home to all of the Igons. It was where they were trained to become the protectors of Queverin from giants, witches and even some humans and fae.

When the Venots flew away once the dragon slaying began under the reign of King, the most influential of the Igons left to inhabit Ventos and rule the overall dragon population and prevent them from falling apart under the threat of the human royals.

Currently, the isles are inhabited by only half of the population of fire dragon